Mei Lim

I am by profession a book designer. However, photography was hardwired into my DNA the day my grandfather gave me a camera for my birthday. I used to be mistaken for a tourist, with my camera being part of my anatomy. These days the camera on my iPhone is a whole lot more discreet. I shoot anything and everything, as long as it makes a good image and raises a smile or makes the viewer pause and think.

Painting and printmaking came a lot later, but once I got bitten by the reduction woodblock bug in printmaking, I have not looked back. The complexitity of the technique and painstaking effort one has to put into the process is at once absorbing and satisfying and suicide inducing. Most people looking at the prints wont realise that.

I am also a sucker for apps and Instagram. See my daily Instagram posts on: @meilim_photography

Contact me on: 07720 943777  |  Email me at:

My work can also be seen at Make SoutWest (formerly The Devon Guild of Craftsmen) in Bovey Trace

Mei Lim A High Wind
Mei Lim A High Wind

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